Wharf Road Upgrading

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Technical, Contractual, Planning and Construction Guidance, and Site Supervision

About the Project

The project involves the upgrading of the existing 2.3km four lane road of the wharf from interlocking pavement to a more robust and lower maintenance pavement.

Client Needs

There was a need to upgrade the existing road which was constantly undergoing maintenance which cost the Client millions annually. The project was required to be executed with minimal  disruption to the port operation that runs 24 by 7. Several previous upgrades on the pavement were also found to be not sustainable.

Our Solutions

We were engaged to find a solution to this long ongoing problem. Following an extensive study, a solution using Continuous Reinforced Concrete Pavement was trialled on a 200m stretch. After 6 months of monitoring the pilot project, the work proceeded on the remainder.

We provided technical, contractual, planning and construction guidance and site supervision throughout the project. We also provided recommended construction sequencing of the works to ensure fast delivery .

Outcomes & Benefits

The coordination between the project team, contractors, site supervision together with the operations team were crucial for the project and for the port operation to continue without any major disturbance.

We met the challenge by implementing a sustainable solution that minimised disturbances while maximising efficiency.

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