Sasana Kijang- Financial Services Resource Centre

An award-winning building completed in 2012 for the Reserve Bank of Malaysia.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Bank Negara Malaysia


Design and Construction Supervision for all Civil, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering works

About the Project

This award-winning building was completed in 2012 for the Reserve Bank of Malaysia. It is a resource and international training centre for financial services, with a museum and art gallery that are open to the public. The building comprises a 200m long, 5-storey superstructure over 5-basement levels built on a sloping terrain.

Our Role

Upon winning the design competition together with a leading architect Hijjas Kasturi, we were commissioned by Bank Negara Malaysia to be the lead Engineer responsible for the design and construction supervision of all structural, civil and geotechnical works.

Key Challenges

This Gold Winner (PAM Architectural Award) building comprises elegant structural work in its various atrium framing, scenic lift,  façade, and a stunning spiral staircase spanning over three floors. To meet the demanding layout of this international class building,  innovative solutions using various elements of structural steel, reinforced and post tensioned concrete were used.

Our Solutions

Various types of structural elements were utilised in this challenging building. Tall steel columns,  large column free areas, structural steel frame with large transfer beams, post tensioned beams and flat slabs up to 750mm thick were used. The basement comprises diaphragm wall retention system on one side with a series of buttresses propping the deep basement. The tall glass facade was innovatively designed to be supported by vertical cables, pre-tensioned between the steel roof and the ground floor, forming a breathtaking atrium framing and façade.


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