Interview with Germaine Lim, Associate Director

Germaine is a seasoned professional consultant with expertise in regional programmes, commercial management, procurement, and contract management. Her commitment and diligence in delivering successful projects have earned recognition from Asia Infrastructure Solutions, resulting in her recent promotion to Associate Director. In this interview, Germaine shares her insights on managing challenges and offers advice for building a successful career.

Q1. Could you share some background information and your areas of interest?

I am an Associate Director at Asia Infrastructure Solutions, where I specialise in cost and commercial management services. I have extensive experience leading commercial project delivery for regional ASEAN projects, from strategy development to execution and closing out stages.

My expertise lies in commercial, contract, and procurement management, and I have a proven track record of driving efficient budget controls and reporting, implementing effective process improvements in procurement strategy development and execution, and delivering optimal value for clients. Additionally, I have developed valuable cost benchmarking and commercial insights for clients.

I am passionate about promoting sustainability and leveraging digital solutions to increase efficiency and streamline project delivery. In my free time, I also take an interest in health and well-being awareness.

Q2. What are the challenges you have faced to date in career or working at Asia Infrastructure Solutions (if any) and how did you overcome it?

As our industry is constantly evolving with new knowledge, skillsets, and technologies, staying up to date presents an ongoing challenge. To overcome this, I proactively seek advice from my line manager and attend relevant training to ensure I remain current.

Effective communication and stakeholder management are essential in my daily work at the client’s office. I prioritise active listening and timely follow-up, while maintaining diligence in completing tasks assigned to me. Seeking feedback regularly from clients helps me ensure that I am meeting their needs and delivering satisfactory services.

Q3. What advice would you give to young women entering this profession / organisation?

For young women joining us, I advise them to embrace curiosity and remain comfortable when facing ambiguity and challenges. Have a positive attitude towards feedback and criticisms. This will help them to build strength and resilience in their professional growth.

Dream big, believe in yourself, and thrive. Pursue your passions with resilience, positivity and gratitude to achieve the goals you strive for.

Germaine Lim



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