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International Women’s Day 2024

At Asia Infrastructure Solutions, we strongly believe in promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. We are committed to creating a work culture that is respectful and caring towards all employees, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or identification. We aim to foster an environment where all employees can grow, perform, and succeed together.

We firmly believe in providing equal opportunities for personal recognition and career development to every employee, regardless of background or beliefs. This principle extends to our recruitment process, where we strive to select the best candidates based on their skills and merit.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we had the pleasure of speaking with several of our senior management and staff on what International Women’s Day means to them. Find out from the interviews below on the personal commitments of our senior executives towards fostering an inclusive workplace culture at Asia Infrastructure Solutions. From celebrating diversity to championing equality, each leader shares their vision and best practices for a more inclusive tomorrow.

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Interview with Barry Sum, Chief Executive Officer​

6 March 2024 by Sherine Chng

Barry brings nearly three decades of robust leadership experience, specialising in civil and social infrastructure projects across Asia. In this interview, Barry shares his perspectives on International Women’s Day and how inclusivity can enable women to thrive in the traditionally male-dominated construction industry.


Interview with Ir. Nor Azniza Ishak, Associate​

6 March 2024 by Sherine Chng

Azniza’s engineering journey began 25 years ago as an alignment engineer for highway and railway design. In this interview, Azniza shares her thoughts on what it truly means to inspire inclusion in the workplace. 

Let us join hands to inspire inclusion, celebrate diversity, and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of women in our workplaces. It is essential that we continuously remind ourselves to work towards creating a world that is truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Together, for all of us at Asia Infrastructure Solutions, we will build a future where every individual’s voice is heard, respected, and uplifted.

Er. Poh Seng Tiok

Managing Director SEA,
New Markets

It’s crucial to build an inclusive culture on the team to ensure that every team member feels respected, engaged, and supported regardless of gender or background.

Christina Chan

HR Director

Inclusion is crucial for fostering a sense of belonging among all individual staff that leads to greater productivity, more innovation and better decision-making. It is critical to a strong employee retention strategy AIS has been executing.

Dickson Law

Managing Director, Infrastructure

On International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the wonderful sense of belonging we share! By doing so, we not only honour the occasion but also create a joyful and respectful workplace that truly appreciates the amazing contributions of women engineers in our team.

Ir. Faisol Hussain

Executive Director

When women are inspired to be included, and are included in decision-making positions, there’s a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment that permeates through all levels, and becomes a key cornerstone of organisational culture.

Laura Gallagher

Head of Operations & Finance

In #TeamAIS, INCLUSION is the blueprint. We honour the strength, skills and commitment of every woman driving innovation and contributing to our construction industry. Happy International Women’s Day!

Vibhor Agarwal

Executive Director

It is imperative to promote equal opportunities for everyone and treat them all with respect. We should also create inclusive spaces for women where their achievements can be celebrated, which would foster an inclusive environment.

Wing Wong

Technical Director

We will all benefit from a more diverse and inclusive working environment, which will bring us more creativity, knowledge and fun!

Jaime Castellano Galan

Operations & Project Services Director

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