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International Women’s Day 2024: Interview with Ir. Nor Azniza Ishak

Interview with Ir. Nor Azniza Ishak, Associate

Azniza’s engineering journey began 25 years ago as an alignment engineer for highway and railway design. Since then, she has played a pivotal role in designing and implementing several major infrastructure projects in Malaysia, her contributions leading to improved efficiency and innovative solutions. This invaluable experience, coupled with her proven leadership skills honed through various project roles, now positions her as a leading force in the Civil Department. In this interview, Azniza shares her thoughts on what it truly means to inspire inclusion in the workplace.
Q1. What does the theme of "Inspire Inclusion" mean to you personally, and how does it resonate with your vision for AIS?
Inspire Inclusion” is the heart and soul of our goal at Asia Infrastructure Solutions (AIS). It’s all about creating a large, welcoming family in which everyone’s individuality is celebrated. Imagine a workplace where diversity is not only acceptable, but valued for the vibrant culture it generates. That is the vibe we are looking for! At AIS, we don’t simply talk the talk; we do the walk, making certain that every voice is heard and every viewpoint is recognised. It’s more than just engineering solutions; it’s about creating a community where everyone feels welcome.
Q2. What specific initiatives or programs has the company implemented to support women and other underrepresented groups in the workplace?
AIS has launched several fantastic initiatives to help! We’ve also planned some extremely exciting team-building activities to enhance the bond between us and make everyone feel like a member of the family. We’re all about empowering women in the workplace with seminars and workshops. It’s all about creating a culture in which everyone is able to succeed, have fun, and truly enjoy what they do!
Q3. In what ways do you encourage open dialogue and communication around diversity and inclusion within the company?

At AIS, we are all about keeping open communication and an inclusive atmosphere! Our leadership team is available to listen, advise, and help you with anything related to diversity and inclusion. We like collaborating with engineering groups and organisations who share the same passion for diversity and inclusion. We’re not just sharing knowledge; we’re also developing some great initiatives and utilising valuable resources and networks to continue spreading diversity love in the engineering profession!

Q4. What role do you believe senior leadership plays in driving diversity and inclusion initiatives, and how do you personally champion these efforts?

Senior leader shows a good example by ensuring everyone feels included and respected. I help by supporting diversity and inclusion in everything I do and listening to what my co-workers say. I ensure everyone gets a fair chance by mentoring people from all backgrounds. By being kind and honest in how I lead, I want to inspire others to see diversity and inclusion as important for us all to succeed.

At Asia Infrastructure Solutions, it's more than just engineering solutions; it's about creating a community where everyone feels welcome.


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