This Integrity Policy statement is effective as of 8 February 2023. 

It is of utmost importance that Asia Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) carry on business with integrity and honesty.

Bribes, corruption, or kickbacks of any kind are unacceptable and against the law. We do not offer, request, give or receive any bribes or other illegal inducements. Bribes may include money, gifts, hospitality, expenses, reciprocal favors, kickbacks, facilitation/ grease payments, or sponsorship agreements.

AIS bans facilitation payments, even if local laws and regulations were to permit them. Facilitating payments are small payments made in money or in kind that are made, in accordance with what may be publicly known and widely followed local custom and practice, in connection with the performance by officials in documentation, customs clearance and other governmental actions.

Whilst we may give or receive gifts and hospitality in the ordinary course of business and subject to prevailing policies and approvals, these must be in line with acceptable local practices and are not done in the expectation of receiving something in return, or in circumstances which would compromise our ability to make objective and fair business decisions for our valued clients.

This applies to all our AIS employees anywhere in the world, and our agents, consultants, business partners, suppliers, and subcontractors. We never resort to bribery, corruption, kickbacks or facilitation payments to promote our business.

AIS also avoids conflicts of interests. A conflict of interest arises when our personal or financial interests, activities or relationships interfere, or run the risk of interfering, with our ability to make decisions in the best interests of AIS or our valued clients.

Whilst AIS employees are permitted to engage in work or hold other appointments or jobs outside the office, these are subject to prior notification to and approval of the Managing Director, Singapore and approval may be withheld if actual or potential conflict of interests are identified or perceived, or AIS has other objective reasons for doing so in the interests of work.

AIS is committed to meeting the highest standards of business conduct. These commitments extend to our supply chain. We want to work with third parties who share our values and the importance of integrity and expect them to comply with this integrity policy or have equivalent principles that we can embrace. We conduct due diligence checks on our clients, suppliers, and business partners. We communicate our expectations, monitor performance, and address any issues. This includes withdrawing from contracts if our standards are not being met.