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Interview with Clarita San Diego Ladica, Executive Senior Quantity Surveyor

Q1. What's the day-to-day of your role like?

My role presents me with new challenges every day. On a typical day, I will be performing my obligations as a QS, supervising the work produced by my Junior QS, engaging in discussions, and updating my to-do lists to make sure I don’t miss any important deadlines.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my busiest days. I have meetings with clients’ contract managers, project managers, and contractor quantity surveyors on those days to discuss project cost management and contract administration since the projects I am working on are in the final account stage.

There were also days with time-sensitive jobs that required quick attention because clients were in urgent need of a response.

Though some days can be challenging, I feel satisfied and accomplished once my duties are completed at the end of the day.

Q2. What drew you to AIS originally? And how has AIS changed since?

This is my dream job. I have envisioned that the company is the gold standard in the Profession, and I have resolved that I should be part of a QS Consultancy firm where I can proudly execute my work professionally and ethically.

Having worked here for a decade, I have seen how the company has evolved along with the effects of social, economic, and environmental transformations and developments.

In the early years, I had to familiarise and adhere to the office standards and procedures. It reminds me of the “Pigeonhole” where all the standard forms and procedures can be found. I have always ensured that I organised the documentation well – classifying them into pink, blue, green, yellow and beige folders. Imagine the transition from a paper-heavy office to one that is virtually entirely paperless today.

The pandemic is a total game-changer, it has accelerated the transition and has proven that working remotely is possible as we had no other option during the period and projects had to continue. The dynamics of working flexible hours and providing services whenever and wherever they are needed have been shown to be efficient and effective.

I am thankful to AIS for recognising my hard work, dedication, and exceptional contributions to the firm. I look forward to AIS’s positive transformation and I am committed to being part of AIS’s success.

Q3. What do you like most about AIS?

I like the current AIS system of working. My Line Managers (Executive Director and Director) are very supportive and engaging.  They motivate me to complete my assignments, allow me to express my opinions, and involve me in client interactions. They are my inspirations to continue to persevere and keep to the level of delivering an excellent job.

Q4. What's the most unique part of working at AIS?

I think that AIS has moved away from the conventional mode of operation. I believe we are moving in the right direction,  and I am excited to see how AIS expands. I certainly looking forward be part of its glorious years.

Q5. Which benefits are your favourite and why?

I am grateful for all the benefits that the company offers. AIS offers a chance to experience a work-life balance and inspires me to “work hard and play hard.”

AIS offers annual leave that commensurate to the level and length of stay. I appreciate the long service rewards of additional leave as it makes me feel valued.  It allows me to spend more time with my family and explore the world outside of work.

I also appreciate the company’s assistance in my professional development. I am delighted that the company has established the AIS SG Academy because I’ve always had a love of learning. My appetite for education has always been sated by our Learning and Development department. These topics range from the fundamentals of QS competencies to the standards and keeping up with the most recent developments in the Built Environment. As a result, whenever there are such planned activities, I will make sure to plan ahead to work them into my calendar as a sign of my dedication to upholding the standards and maintaining my competence at work. The company also covers the cost of my professional QS Organisation membership.

Q6. How have you grown professionally while at AIS?

AIS has given me opportunities to grow professionally.

I have honed my knowledge and skills through structured learning offered by our Learning and Development department and the real-world experiences gained from the roles that were given to me. 

The acquired knowledge and skills have greatly contributed to my career growth and technical expertise by achieving sets of competencies, technical, interpersonal, business and management skills, and upholding high professional and ethical standards. This results in the delivery of services with quality, providing value, and providing services that are appropriate for the client’s needs.

Q7. What has been your favourite project or biggest accomplishment at AIS?

Currently, my favorite project and biggest accomplishment is the Changi Airport Runway 2 project. Aside from it being the most expensive in terms of project costs, it is also the most demanding and challenging role I have ever had.

Having worked on this project for about six (6) years, I have experienced roadblocks that have given me knowledge and experience in handling challenging circumstances as well as problem-solving and analytical skills, which have helped me be successful in my role. This has also helped me appreciate the small wins and achievements.

I had also built a good rapport by collaboratively working with the stakeholders of the project, especially by attending to the Client’s contractual requirements, building trusts and confidence in the profession, and offering competent QS consultancy services.

Q8. Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

My biggest inspirations within the company are Ms Josephine Lee and Ms Amy Lee. They are empowered women in the construction industry, and they inspire me with their passion and compassion.

Q9. Describe your hobby.

My hobby is singing but I am not a professional singer. I love to read. I enjoy cooking and YouTube has videos of my efforts. I also like to take my husband on leisurely bike rides while we explore places like Changi East, Changi Beach Park, Reservoir, and Marina Bay Sands.

Q10. How do you balance your career at AIS and family?

Despite my hectic job schedule, I make sure to have quality time bonding and eating with my family. I am truly blessed to have a husband who understands, guides, and supports my career aspirations and life choices.

Q11. What is it about you that most of your colleagues don’t know?

My colleagues might not be aware of the fact that I am an active member and leader of the Filipino QS Organisation, the Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors (PICQS).

I have represented PICQS in various consultations with the ASEAN QS Association (AQSA) and Pacific Association of QS (PAQS). I have received various awards, including the PICQS Chairman’s Medal Award in 2016 and the most recent – the Chairman’s Leadership Award, Service Excellence Award, and One of the Top Ten PICQS Most Influential Members.

I am currently the ASEAN Quantity Surveyors Association (AQSA) Representative of PICQS. As part of the 2-day AQSA International Congress held on 16-17 May 2023 in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, I am honored to be in the Panel Discussion on Women Leadership in Construction Organisations Across ASEAN Region with President of Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM), Vice President & Chair of Surveying Division, Pertubuhan Ukur, Jurutera dan Arkitek Brunei (PUJA), representative from Ikatan Quantity Surveyor Indonesia (IQSI), and representative from Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers (SISV).

Q12. What advice do you have for prospective AIS’s candidates?

Be part of AIS and have a rewarding career with us.

Q13. What are 3 words to describe AIS?

Engaging, Rewarding and Supportive.

Engaging – AIS encourage staff to share their ideas, concerns, and feedback freely. Staff are also regularly updated on the company news and events.

Rewarding – AIS  acknowledges and appreciates employees’ efforts and achievements through incentives, promotions and acknowledgments. 

Supportive – Flexible working arrangement, prioritising employee well-being and driving learning and development within the company are just some of the highlights that contribute to a positive working environment at AIS.

The opportunities provided at AIS have allowed me to grow professionally. I was able to hone my knowledge and skills through structured learning provided by our Learning and Development programmes and practical experiences from the roles that were assigned to me.

Clarita Ladica

Clarita has over 20 years of experience providing pre-and post-contract Quantity Surveying and Cost Management services.  She has successfully delivered large-scale projects such as an airport runway, mixed-used developments, integrated resorts, residentials and institutions in Singapore and the Philippines.



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