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Interview with Anson Tan, Senior Project Manager

Q1. What's the day-to-day of your role like?

As the MDP Lead for HSBC, my day-to-day role involves managing stakeholder expectations, driving project delivery with contractors and consultants, ensuring compliance with HSBC guidelines for procurement, design, and safety, and leading a team of project managers and QSs to deliver HSBC projects.

Q2. What drew you to AIS originally? And how has AIS changed since?

I was initially drawn to the company because of its appealing remuneration package, benefits, senior position, and the potential for career growth. With the recent rebranding from Arcadis to AIS, I have observed a rise in project opportunities not just in Singapore but also in other regions where Global Infrastructure Solutions Inc (“GISI”), our shareholder’s family of companies, are present.

Q3. What makes you want to stay at our organisation?

A positive work culture, opportunities for growth and development and work-life balance.

Q4. What do you like about our company culture?

The company is fostering a positive and supportive work culture, and its emphasis on flexibility, inclusivity, and openness is particularly impressive. I feel comfortable sharing their ideas and perspectives, which is essential for fostering innovation and creativity. Moreover, the company’s emphasis on communication and transparency is building trust between employees and management. The company’s flexible work arrangements, including working from home, demonstrate its commitment to work-life balance and trust in its staff. Overall, I feel that AIS is doing an excellent job of creating a positive work environment that supports its employees and fosters their growth and development.

Q5. What do you find the most challenging at AIS?

Managing stakeholders is always a challenging aspect in the consultancy business.

Q6. Who motivates you?

My colleagues and team members!

Q7. What do you like most about AIS?

What I like most about AIS is the senior leaders that staff can easily connect with.

Q8. Which benefits are your favourite and why?

The trust from the leadership in how I deliver results.

Q9. How have you grown professionally while at AIS?

At AIS, I have been able to perform as an MDP Lead, thus increasing my program management experience.

Q10. What has been your favourite project or biggest accomplishment at AIS?

My most satisfying project and significant achievement at AIS was successfully retrieving past due payments from clients, and effectively managing the relocation and renovation of the AIS office. Managing a project for your bosses can be extremely challenging, but it was gratifying to see it come to fruition.

Q11. Describe your hobby.

My hobby is playing basketball and seeing drama unfold in beer sessions with colleagues.

Q12. How do you balance your career at AIS and family?

Maintaining a balance between my career at AIS and my family is important to me. To achieve this, I prioritise my workload and ensure that I complete all my tasks before leaving the office for the day. This helps me to be more efficient and manage my time effectively. Additionally, I communicate with my family and keep them informed of any work-related commitments that may affect our schedules. I make sure to set aside quality time for my family and engage in activities that we enjoy together. This helps me to disconnect from work and recharge, allowing me to return to work feeling refreshed and more focused.

Q13. If you could switch your job with anyone else within AIS, whose job would you want?

René Hillig, our Managing Director.

Q14. What is it about you that most of your colleagues don’t know?

Most of my colleagues don’t know that I was underweight when I was young.

Q15. What advice do you have for prospective AIS’s candidates?

My advice for prospective AIS candidates is to prioritize work, align your own interests with the company, and network with people while maintaining positive relationships, effective communication, and building trust and respect. And above all, don’t forget to have fun!

Q16. What are 3 words to describe AIS?

Asia, Infrastructure, Solutions (just kidding). Connectable. Conducive. Committed.

Connectable: AIS fosters an environment that encourages collaboration and connectivity among colleagues, enabling us to work together effectively to achieve common goals.

Conducive: The company’s culture and practices are geared towards helping employees develop their skills and reach their full potential, making it a great place to build a career.

Committed: The individuals at AIS have a deep-rooted commitment to their work and the company, which is evident in the high-quality projects that are delivered on time and within budget.

The company is fostering a positive and supportive work culture, and its emphasis on flexibility, inclusivity, and openness is particularly impressive.

Anson Tan

With over 10 years of experience in the built environment, Anson Tan has an excellent track record leading complex projects and programs and leading local client accounts. Anson is highly proficient in achieving stakeholders’ satisfaction. Anson has exhibited his project expertise in the Corporate Real Estate sector and has successfully delivered office and commercial fit-out projects for Multinational Corporations in Singapore. 


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