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At Asia Infrastructure Solutions, our commitment to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our employees is outlined in our General Business Principles. We view health and safety as a critical business driver and a foundational element of our culture. Our global health and safety vision and policy reflect a proactive approach that integrates risk management and behavioural considerations, incorporating health, safety, and well-being as core values in our business operations. 


Our IMS is designed to align with AIS offices worldwide, adhering to International Standards (ISO) 45001, 14001, and ISO 9001. At AIS, we champion a “Process Driven Approach” in developing, implementing, and refining our IMS.

This approach underpins our commitment to achieving our objectives, enabling continuous measurement, review, and improvement of our performance, thereby enhancing client satisfaction.

Our commitment of eliminating all harm to individuals is guided by a steadfast dedication to a zero-incident goal, hence we have embraced the ALERT process, which enables the proactive identification of H&S hazards, the evaluation of associated risks, and the implementation of mitigating actions to prevent accidents.

Remarkable Achievements by Us