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Global Infrastructure Solutions Inc. Announces Strategic Mergers to Enhance Global Reach and Expertise

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, January 29, 2024 – Global Infrastructure Solutions Inc. (GISI) is excited to announce the strategic mergers of T&T Konsult (T&T) and SHEVS IFT Consultants (SHEVS), significantly expanding its global presence and expertise.

T&T Konsult Sdn Bhd Rebrands as Asia Infrastructure Solutions Sdn Bhd

T&T Konsult, a key infrastructure engineering consulting firm in Malaysia, is set to rebrand as Asia Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) following the merger, which is a strategic move to boost GISI’s regional influence in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The rebranding harmonizes AIS’ regional operations for the infrastructure end market and enhances collaborative strength to serve clients across Asia. AIS, a GISI operating company, is a leader in delivering sustainable design, engineering, project & programme management, cost management, and consultancy solutions for the infrastructure, buildings, and environmental markets across Asia.

Dato’ Ir. Steven Yong and Ir. Faisol Hussain, the principals of T&T, are thrilled to comment on the merger: “Our merger marks a significant step towards harnessing our collective strengths, enabling us to take on more complex and innovative projects in Malaysia and regionally, positioning us at the forefront of this growth. This is an exciting time for both companies as we dedicate ourselves to technical excellence and expansion across Asia, capitalizing on the exceptional capabilities of our team in Malaysia.

SHEVS IFT Consultants Pte Ltd Enhances GISI’s Global Expertise

SHEVS IFT Consultants, a leading fire engineering consulting firm, retains its brand identity post-merger, continuing its esteemed work in fire safety engineering consultancy. Based in Singapore, SHEVS is poised for stronger collaborations within the GISI family of companies, especially with AIS and J. Roger Preston (JRP). This merger aims to enhance client solutions through synergistic partnerships.

Er. HT Lin, principal of SHEVS, shares his enthusiasm: “It is an honour to join the GISI family, where our creative vision finds a new platform for upholding our commitment to elevating fire safety standards and building a brighter, safer future for everyone.

Asia: Catalyst for Strategic Growth in GISI’s Global Vision

These mergers are integral to our global diversification strategy,” stated Tony Shum, GISI Co-Founder, Board Director, and Chairman Asia.

By adding T&T and SHEVS into our portfolio, we are expanding our reach and enhancing our ability to deliver innovative infrastructure solutions in Asia,” added GISI Asia CEO, Alex Kwan, and AIS CEO Barry Sum.

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