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Asia Infrastructure Solutions consistently aims to be an inclusive company. Our inclusive strategic vision is that ‘We are an organization where all our people say their leaders and their team are inclusive’. 

We are creating an inclusive work environment where our colleagues feel involved, respected, connected – where the richness of our talents, ideas, backgrounds, perspectives, and skills are harnessed to create business value.

We believe that an inclusive culture supports our goals – to reflect the communities we work with enabling everyone to be themselves at work.

This Policy is a statement of our commitment to be inclusive, to be a fair and transparent organization that provides a safe, nurturing, and welcoming place to grow a career.

We are committed to actively deconstructing barriers to inclusion, equality, fairness, and diversity.

Our suppliers, including Self Employed Consultants and other third parties who carry out work on our behalf are required to abide by the policy when working on our behalf.

We also look to our clients to help us live out this policy to ensure that we are a business where our people feel safe, respected, and supported regardless of who they are and where they work.


The policy sets out Asia Infrastructure Solutions commitment to promoting equality, openness and belonging through inclusion. It reflects Asia Infrastructure Solutions global General Business Principles, particularly the principle of Integrity. The policy’s purpose is to:

  • Set out our commitment to equality and inclusion for people we employ.
  • Confirm our commitment to proactively deconstructing systems, processes and behaviors that do not support an inclusive environment for everyone.
  • Provide clients, customers, and suppliers with confidence that we are committed to inclusion and equality.


Asia Infrastructure Solutions commits to:

  • Placing inclusion at the heart of everything we do and to be held to account by our people and external stakeholders.
  • Continuously questioning and reviewing how our behavior, ways of working and organizational architecture promote or hinder equality and inclusion.
  • Actively promoting inclusion and to pro-actively seek out and address inequality, discrimination, or bias, including across:
    • Leadership behaviors and decision making
    • Talent attraction and retention, (including recruitment, interview, selection, pay and benefits, terms and conditions of employment, grievances and discipline, dismissal, redundancy, flexible working, promotion, training, or other developmental opportunities).
    • Working practices (including systems and processes e.g., procurement and communication)
    • Client engagement (including supporting clients to meet their Public Sector duties)
    • Employee engagement.
  • Collaborating and learning from our employees and others, to consciously build actively inclusive teams and workplace cultures.
  • Holding leaders to account for creating and growing diverse teams where all members feel they belong and have equal opportunities to progress, regardless of where they are working (including client site).
  • Supporting individual and team awareness, learning, behaviors and actions through advice, guidance, tools, and other resources.
  • Providing a work environment where people are confident and comfortable to be themselves at work and can speak up to help enable an inclusive culture.
  • Measuring the success of this policy through key performance indicators, transparent governance and reporting structure and an appetite to continually improve and learn.
  • Sharing progress on achieving our inclusion ambitions with our employees and being receptive to feedback. 


All employees are responsible for living by our inclusion values, contributing to speaking up on behalf of an inclusive business and always treating others fairly and with respect.


Asia Infrastructure Solutions has an open culture. We encourage and support people who speak up when they witness or believe that behaviors, processes, or systems do not promote an inclusive culture.

We take all potential incidents seriously and we want to know what our people are experiencing so that we can ensure we are all working towards an inclusive culture.

If a person experiences or witnesses perceived bias or discrimination of any sort, we ask that you speak to your line manager in the first instance if you feel able to do so. If this is not possible for whatever reason, we ask that you speak to someone senior in your team or contact your Business Unit HR Business Partner.

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