As a highly experienced Human Resource professional, Christina Chan has earned a reputation for a deep understanding of human capital management. In this interview, we explore Christina’s thoughts, core values and perspective on working at Asia Infrastructure Solutions.

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Interview with Christina Chan, HR Director Asia

Q1. What initially sparked your interest in the field of human resources, and what continues to motivate you in this role?

My initial interest in the field of human resources was sparked by my passion for people and my desire to act as a supportive and caring guide for employees. I’ve always been a strong communicator and empathetic listener, and I knew that these skills would translate well to a role where I could help others navigate workplace challenges and professional development.

What continues to motivate me in this role is the ability to make a real difference in people’s lives. As the HR representative, I see myself as a kind of “workplace sister” – someone who can provide a listening ear, offer advice and resources, and champion the needs and concerns of employees. I find great fulfilment in being able to support staff members, whether they are facing a difficult interpersonal issue, need guidance on their career goals, or are simply looking for someone to talk to.

At the end of the day, human resources is not just a role to me – it’s a calling.

Q2. Can you walk us through what a typical workday looks like for you at AIS?

My days at AIS have been consistently busy, filled with a diverse array of tasks and responsibilities that present both challenges and immense satisfaction.

The sheer variety of my work is what makes each day so dynamic and rewarding. One moment, I may be collaborating with leadership on a new employee initiative, and the next, I could be mediating a sensitive workplace conflict. It’s a fast-paced environment that demands adaptability, critical thinking, and genuine care for the well-being of our staff.

While no two days are exactly alike, I can say with certainty that my time at AIS has been marked by a whirlwind of activity, a wide range of responsibilities, and an unwavering commitment to supporting our most valuable asset – our people.

Q3. What are some of the most rewarding aspects of your job? And what are some of the biggest challenges you face?

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to build strong, trust-based relationships with the employees across our organisation. HR can sometimes be viewed as a more transactional function, but I’ve made it a priority to really get to know our staff on a personal level. By taking the time to understand their unique needs, concerns, and aspirations, I’m able to provide more tailored and impactful support.

Perhaps most rewarding of all is witnessing how the various HR initiatives I spearhead contribute to the continued growth and success of AIS. It’s gratifying to see our various HR strategies paying dividends in the form of higher engagement, better retention, and improved business outcomes. Knowing that I’m playing an integral role in that progress fills me with a deep sense of purpose.

On the flip side, one of the biggest challenges I face is striking the right balance between meeting the individual needs of our employees and upholding the broader goals and priorities of the organisation. As the bridge between staff and management, I’m often tasked with navigating complex situations where there may not be a clear-cut solution. It requires a delicate touch and a relentless commitment to finding win-win outcomes.

It’s demanding work, but the rewards far outweigh the difficulties.

Q4. What have been some of the most important lessons you have learned throughout your career?

The most fundamental lesson I’ve internalised is the critical importance of fairness and consistency in all of my dealings with employees. As an HR professional, I’m entrusted with upholding the integrity of our policies and procedures, and I take that responsibility seriously. Ensuring that every staff member, regardless of their position or background, is treated equitably has been a guiding principle that has served me well.

Closely tied to fairness is the equally vital lesson of confidentiality and trust-building. In this role, I’m privy to deeply personal and sensitive information about our staff, and I understand that I’m held to the highest standards of discretion. By protecting the privacy of our employees, I’ve been able to position myself as a safe harbour – someone they can confide in without fear of their trust being betrayed.

Q5. As the HR leader, how would you describe the culture at AIS?

I would describe our company culture as one that truly embodies a “feel like family” ethos. We’ve intentionally cultivated an environment where caring, collaboration, celebration, and open communication are not just encouraged but are woven into the fabric of our daily work lives.

At the heart of this culture is a deep sense of shared purpose and mutual investment. Our employees are valued stakeholders who are empowered to help shape the direction of the company. This is exemplified by our innovative employee shareholder program, which gives everyone a vested interest in the success of AIS.

Q6. Outside of work, what are some of your personal interests and hobbies?

I have a diverse array of personal interests that help me maintain a healthy work-life balance. I’m an avid traveller, exploring new cultures and destinations that broaden my horizons.

I also love pursuing physical challenges like high-intensity interval training, running, and hiking, which provide a rejuvenating counterpoint to my professional responsibilities.


Q7. What are some self-care practices you’ve found valuable for maintaining your energy and focus?

To maintain my energy and focus, I rely on a holistic approach to self-care that includes regular exercise to manage stress and keep me physically and mentally sharp. I also nurture my social and emotional well-being by prioritising quality time with close friends and family, as these interactions provide a vital source of emotional support that helps me stay grounded and centred.

Q8. What is it about you that most of your colleagues don’t know?

I am open and transparent with my team members when it comes to sharing both the joyful and difficult aspects of my personal life. It’s simply part of my personality – I genuinely enjoy cultivating meaningful connections with the people I work with and don’t shy away from vulnerability.

Q9. Is there a particular personal achievement or milestone that you’re especially proud of?

I’m particularly proud of the significant progress I’ve made in completing the items on my extensive travel bucket list. Over the years, I’ve managed to visit around 80% of the destinations I’ve long dreamed of exploring.

In addition, I’m proud of completing a 10K run in under one hour.

Q10. What advice do you have for prospective AIS’ candidates?

Join the AIS family to grow together with us. This is an amazing opportunity to develop cutting-edge skills, work with talented colleagues, and make a real impact. Embrace the fast-paced, demanding environment with a passion for learning and collaboration. If you bring that drive and commitment, you’ll thrive in this dynamic, innovative workplace and contribute to the remarkable work we’re doing.

As the HR representative, I see myself as a kind of “workplace sister” – someone who can provide a listening ear, offer advice and resources, and champion the needs and concerns of employees.
Christina Chan
Christina Chan serves as the Human Resources Director at Asia Infrastructure Solutions. She is a seasoned HR professional and business partner, with extensive experience in the engineering and construction industry. In her role, Christina oversees the overall people strategy and is dedicated to ensuring HR compliance in the workplace. Her expertise spans talent acquisition, executive development, total rewards, performance management, employee relations, and HR technology.

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