Having been a part of #TeamAIS for over 8 years, Chan Chi Kong (CK Chan) speaks about the strong bonds and support that characterise the workplace at Asia Infrastructure Solutions (AIS).

In the Spotlight

Interview with Chan Chi Kong (CK Chan), Executive Director

Q1. What’s the day-to-day of your role like?

As the Team Lead of the Civil Department, my responsibilities encompass client engagement, budget oversight, and the day-to-day management of the team. This role requires a blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills to ensure project success and client satisfaction.

Q2. Before working at AIS, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I’ve had the privilege of working on several high-profile rail projects, including the construction of new rail stations like the XRL – Rescue station in Kam Tin, and the West Island Line’s HKU station and its approach tunnel, among others. Each project brought unique challenges and learning opportunities.

Q3. How many years have you been with the company, and what attracted you to this role?

I’ve been with AIS for 8 years. The autonomy I received from my supervisor to engage directly with clients and recruit talent was a major draw. This allows me to have a sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit within my role!

Q4. What do you find the most challenging working at AIS?

Balancing the need to meet our budgetary goals while attracting top-tier talent to join our team presents a stimulating challenge, driving me to innovate and improve constantly.

Q5. What do you like most about AIS?

I cherish the family-like culture at AIS. There’s a genuine sense of care and support from the company, which not only enhances our work environment but also enriches our team dynamics.

Q6. What has been your favourite project or biggest accomplishment at AIS?

Leading the Integrated Waste Management Facilities (IWMF) project, Hong Kong’s first large-scale incinerator project stands out as a monumental accomplishment. It’s rewarding to contribute to environmental sustainability through innovative engineering.

Q7. Which benefits are your favourite and why?

One of the standout benefits at AIS is the comprehensive health coverage offered to all employees. It gives me peace of mind knowing that everyone here has access to excellent medical care, contributing to our team’s overall well-being and job satisfaction.

Q8. How would you describe the company culture here? What do you think sets this company apart from others?

AIS nurtures a familial atmosphere where every team member feels valued and supported. This culture of care sets us apart and enhances our collaborative efforts.

Q9. Are there any opportunities for growth or learning that you’re pursuing?

Transitioning from building to civil engineering has broadened my expertise and client interactions and enriched my professional experience and offering new growth opportunities.

Q10. Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

Alex Kwan, with his exceptional leadership and in-depth M&A expertise. His vision drives our company forward, inspiring all of us to strive for excellence.

Q11. Describe your hobby.

Dragon boat training and race: Teamwork is most important in this sport. A strong player without team spirit cannot lead us to be a champion. But a weak player can pull down our whole team’s performance. In a race, all members need to contribute the same power and rhythm to win our competitors. It teaches the value of unity and collective effort, which I bring into my professional life.

CK Chan won Gold medal at one of the Dragon Boat competitions in Hong Kong

Q12. How do you balance your career at AIS and family?

AIS supports a healthy work-life balance, allowing me to excel both professionally and personally.

Q13. What is it about you that most of your colleagues don’t know?

I won 3 bronze medals from World Dragon Boat Racing Championship for Hong Kong in senior group. 1 in 2017 and 2 in 2023. I was also a background actor of movie: “Man On the Boat”.

Q14. What advice do you have for prospective AIS’ candidates?

Join our team with the mindset of contributing to and growing with our AIS family. Consider other members and departments as part of the family. One company, one team.

Q15. What are three words to describe AIS?

Energetic, Caring, Diverse.

Q16. How do you motivate and unite the team in your initiative to organise dragon boat training at AIS?

By encouraging participation and focusing on skill improvement, our team not only excels in competitions but also enjoys the camaraderie and satisfaction that come from training and racing together.

CK Chan (third from right) with AIS' Dragon Boat team
CK Chan (third from right) with AIS' Dragon Boat team
I cherish the family-like culture at AIS. There’s a genuine sense of care and support from the company, which not only enhances our work environment but also enriches our team dynamics.
CK Chan, Asia Infrastructure Solutions
Chan Chi Kong (CK Chan) is the Executive Director of Building Department of Asia Infrastructure Solutions, leading a structural, MEP and facade team of close to 70 staff servicing clients in building development. Over the last three decades, CK has held various senior and director-level positions with multidisciplinary consultancies in Asia, including Mainland China. With a MSc in Civil Engineering from HK Polytechnic University and MBA from Wollongong in Australia, CK is a Registered Structural (RSE) and Geotechnical Engineer (RGE) from Building Authority in Hong Kong. He also achieved his chartership in MICE, MIStructE and MHKIE.

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