Tanjung Adang Development


Johor, Malaysia


Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP)


Employer’s Engineer for Civil and Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy Services

About the Project

The Port of Tanjung Pelepas plans to fully develop the 100-acre Tanjung Adang Development within their Free Trade Zone area to attract future investors. The site is strategically located adjacent to the container yard area adjacent to the wharf. 

Client Need

The client would like to construct a stable reclaimed platform including the internal roads, communication conduits, streetlighting, main water supply, sewer lines, and drainage system, which will all form part of the main infrastructure for future tenants. 

Our Role

Asia Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) provided a high level of geotechnical engineering expertise to enhance the stability of the reclaimed platform while accelerating the consolidation process of the underlying soft alluvial soils, which would normally take years to complete to less than 6 months. We also provided advice on both technical and contractual matters, including site supervision throughout the project.

Best Practices

We effectively managed construction costs amidst fluctuating sand prices and material costs by employing strategic planning and robust risk management, maintaining the project well within budget, even amid the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. Furthermore, our commitment to protecting the environment was evident through the use of silt curtains, geotubes, and the implementation of a rehandling method as part of our meticulous planning.

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