Penang, Malaysia


Micron Memory Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

About the Project

The project involves the expansion of the existing factory located in Batu Kawan Industrial Park from 600,000 sq ft to 1.5 million sq ft due to high market demand.

Client Needs

The site’s reclaimed land location posed numerous challenges related to pile installations and deep excavations required for constructing pile caps. Due to site constraints, project delays ensued, prompting our intervention to address the issues encountered.

Our Solutions

A detailed assessment was performed to evaluate the integrity of the installed piles. Where required, piled remedial designs were performed, and this included the introduction of a piled slab and ground treatment using Deep Soil Mixing. A new pile installation criteria was developed to ensure remaining piles were installed with minimal risks. We also implemented an enhanced shoring sequence, which allowed deep excavation works to progress with minimal impact on other ongoing works. 

Outcomes & Benefits

Our involvement in this project helped resolve various construction issues, especially concerning the foundation works. Despite a temporary setback in the construction schedule, the contractors successfully made up for lost time, enabling them to meet crucial project deadlines.

Best Practices & Lesson Learnt

Dealing with challenging ground conditions necessitates the involvement of experienced and competent Geotechnical Engineers right from the early design phases. This proactive approach not only mitigates risks but also facilitates the implementation of effective contingency plans. The intricacies of working on reclaimed land and soft alluvial soils demand careful consideration. Addressing problems promptly was crucial; hence, solutions were developed at the earliest stages rather than allowing issues to escalate. Effective communication was important when we performed any remedial designs as this involves providing clarity, and logic while managing cost implications.

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