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Cost & Commercial Management

About the Project

Bird Paradise, the first attraction package in Mandai Development, was constructed alongside its public area, known as ‘West Node’. This multi-faceted development includes a Multi-Storey Car Park, an Arrival Concourse, and an Environmental Deck, complemented by Commercial and Ancillary Facilities, Mandai Lake Road (accessible to both private and public transports), a Walking-Cycling Path, and the Internal Effluent Discharge Pipes.

Bird Paradise encompasses a diverse array of exciting features, including five main aviaries, elevated walkways, and transition buildings that interface with the aviaries. Additionally, it boasts bird cages, a three-story Penguin Exhibit Building, an entrance plaza, and an upper plaza connected to the Central Plaza via a central spine. The attraction also includes an amphitheater, a tram depot, a Dedicated Animal Wastewater Treatment Plant (DAWTP), as well as commercial and ancillary facilities.

Key Challenges

Some key challenges encountered during the project included:

  • Coordinating changes with operators concerning operational and design aspects of the development and managing associated costs for our client.
  • Adhering to the construction timeline for Bird Paradise’s 2023 opening amid the COVID-19 situation and resource shortages.
  • Navigating through the change order collaboration between client and consultants.
  • Handling complex value management schedules.

Our Solutions

Leveraging our cost knowledge in attraction and recreational projects, AIS proficiently supported cost estimations amidst having limited information regarding cost and financial reporting for anticipated variation works. Adopting high-level costing approaches, we navigated through these challenges, delivering desired cost outcomes for our client.

Best Practices

Despite facing design and cost challenges on the project, we leveraged our extensive expertise in Cost Research and Contracts Advisory & Support Group to provide essential cost advice and resolve major disputes for our client. Our outstanding teamwork enabled us to navigate through these challenges and deliver impressive results, amidst other project demands.

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