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Cost Management


President’s Design Award Singapore – Design of the Year 2023

BCA Green Mark platinum Award 2018

About the Project

CapitaSpring is a 51-storey high-integrated development with Grade A office floors and modern serviced residences. At 280 metres tall, it is on par with the tallest building in Raffles Place. The development redefines the Singapore city skyline with a lush four-storey “Green Oasis” and smart technologies that empower occupants with new levels of flexibility and mobility. In support of the government’s drive toward a car-lite society and to promote healthy living, a cycling path, 165 bicycle lots and end-of-trip facilities has been included in the development.

Our Role

Asia Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) provided cost management services, including, but not limited to, budget and cost management, contract and procurement strategy planning, and value engineering throughout and across the project phases.

Key Challenges & Solutions

Situated in the heart of Singapore’s CBD, the project faced constraints in terms of site access, material inventory, and equipment positioning. This challenge was addressed through tight collaboration and effective communication among contractors.

Client's Outcomes & Benefits

CapitaSpring features bold, cutting-edge designs that set to establish itself as a landmark development. Using our proficiency in cost management and conducting workshops to educate the team, we successfully controlled the clients’ budget and met their expectations. Achieving the Clients’ objectives strengthened our reputation as a leading choice for cost management services in the industry.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Master planning played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of the project, emphasising the importance of effective and innovative approaches.

A combination of procurement and contract strategies were implemented simultaneously to fulfil the Client’s requirements and to work within the project constraints.

We proactively engaged with the design consultants and organised value optimisation workshops, facilitating the exploration of diverse design schemes that addressed significant cost elements.

This project allowed us to showcase our capability to maximise value and highlight our extensive expertise, extending beyond traditional cost management.

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