Asia Infrastructure Solutions is led by a team of highly experienced and capable leaders who have decades of experience in leading some of the most complex projects and programmes around the world. 

Sherine Chng

GISI Asia Corporate Communications & Business Development Lead

Sherine is the Corporate Communications and Business Development Lead for GISI Asia, boasting over 20 years of experience in the industry. Before joining GISI Asia, Sherine led business development and the pursuit division for a government-linked infrastructure consultancy. She has also displayed her entrepreneurial prowess, having founded a successful multi-label kids apparel business in Singapore and significantly growing a local tech start-up and an international solar firm brand in Vietnam.

At GISI Asia, she leads efforts to optimize the corporation’s communications and infrastructure for operational excellence across its various companies in Asia. Additionally, she heads Bid Management, Marketing & Communications at Asia Infrastructure Solutions, guiding the development and implementation of marketing strategies while managing the pursuits and bid process across all service lines.

Sherine is a member of The Association of Proposal Management Professionals and holds a Masters in Business Administration.