Resident Technical Officer


Construction Site Supervision



Key Responsibilities

The Resident Technical Officer represents clients on Housing Development Board (HDB)/Land Transport Authority (LTA) construction sites. He/She must be able to read and interpret architectural drawings and details of construction projects and ensure that construction projects follow contracts and regulations. He/She shall be working under the control and direction of the appointed Qualified Person(s) when carrying out his/her duties for the assigned project. He/She works indoors at the project site’s office and may also work outdoors at the project construction sites when required.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Supervise construction works, maintain quality control and ensure that the works are carried out in accordance with the project specifications, design intent, approved drawings and site instructions by the supervising qualified persons and project consultants/clients.
  • Ensure that contractors carry out their work in compliance with the prevailing regulations set up by the building authorities and government agencies of Singapore.
  • Inspect materials and workmanship of construction work.
  • Perform tests to check the quality of materials.
  • Review project drawings and specifications and raise any discrepancies and/or potential problems to the appointed Qualified Person and project consultants/clients.
  • Attend meetings with qualified persons and project consultants/clients.
  • Prepare progress reports for their clients.
  • Other ad hoc duties as and when directed.


  • Diploma/Degree in Civil & Structural (C&S) Engineering.
  • Ideally already accredited as a C&S Resident Technical Officer (RTO) by the Institution of Engineering Singapore (IES) or the Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES).
  • Certificate in BCSS (Building Construction Safety Supervision) or other similar construction-safety certification.
  • At least two years of experience as a Resident Technical Officer (RTO) or similar site-based role (e.g. Site Engineer) for Housing Development Board (HDB) / Land Transport Authority (LTA) construction projects.