AIS Academy

Cultivating the professional development essential for our employees, contributing to the growth of our business and ensuring client satisfaction. 

AIS Academy is the learning and development division within AIS dedicated to training and upskilling AIS’ professional staff through its unique MasterClass pedagogy on construction contracts, collaborative contracting, procurement and project delivery strategies, standard contract forms, claims management and in all aspects of contract administration and professional practice.

Beyond nurturing internal talent, the academy also engages with the wider built environment academia, client organisations, consultant groups, professional institutions, and universities in thought leadership initiatives on construction law, contract administration, contracts advisory, best practices, lessons learnt and on the latest developments in contractual issues.

Through insightful thought leadership contributions and shared expertise, AIS Academy aims to enhance awareness, imbue continuing professional learning, and build competencies within the broader built environment realm.

Contracts Advisory and Support

Spearheaded by AIS leaders who are profiled as well-known and respected specialists in collaborative contracting and in the fields of construction law, contracts advisory, construction contracts, procurement and project delivery strategies, claims management, we render essential advice and support on contractual matters and issues of complexity and problem areas in all aspects of contract administration, contract management and professional practice. 

MasterClass Learning Programme

Investing in our people is at the heart of AIS. Through our extensive unique interactive MasterClass pedagogy programmes, we have an ongoing culture of learning to upskill competencies and embolden our people to bring out the best in them to realise their full potential. This is the hallmark of our professional development core activities. 

Thought Leadership Occasional Articles and Construction Law Briefings

The full weight of our specialisms in construction law, contract administration, collaborative contracting and procurement and project delivery strategies is at the disposal of our clients and disseminated in a practical way through thought leadership occasional articles in our regular AIS Client Practice Notes, curated MasterClass contract administration workshops on topical issues for clients and consultants as well as lecturing stints with universities.

The highlight of our thought leadership calendar is the AIS Construction Law Briefing which provides a platform for unconditional sharing of leading-edge knowledge on the latest developments in construction law and contractual concepts and practices, networking and an exchange of ideas and views between the expert speakers and our invited clients and consultants.